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Oil Spill Response
Whether it is a spill from a land site remediation to an accidental discharge from a ship or barge into the harbor, Ken’s Marine can handle your situation with professional and experienced manpower and equipment.

AMPD Coverage & Terminal Coverage
Ken’s Marine Service offers full coverage service for our AMPD clients to help meet current OPA 90 requirements. We can provide you with coverage either dockside or alongside your vessel. Coverage is available for vessels, barges and terminals. We have a full array of response vessels outfitted for AMPD coverage.

Underground Storage Tank - Removal & Remediation Services
Ken’s Marine Service is certified by the New Jersey DEP to do UST closures. We specialize in small business and residential tank services. We handle tank removal and permitting. We provide sub surface evaluation and site contamination survey as well as installation and maintenance of ground water remediation systems.

Bayonne Line Boat Service
Bayonne Lineboat Service, Inc. a division of Ken’s Marine Service, performs the Linehandling duties at all the terminals, refineries and facilities in New York Harbor. This is a 24 hour a day / 7 day a week operation. We have a highly experienced crew in tie-ups and let goes of all type of vessels and barges.

Terminal & Facility Oil Containment Booming
Ken’s Booming & Boat Service provides 24 hour a day / 7 days a week booming service for our clients and their terminals and facilities. We have a trained staff of employees experienced in all facets of oil containment booming at terminals and facilities.

Land & Marine Haz-Mat Response
Ken’s Marine Service has a state of the art haz-mat response unit. The vehicle is equipped with all the necessary tools and supplies that might be required for a haz-mat response. Our response team is fully qualified and haz-mat trained to handle any incident that may occur.

Storage Tank Cleaning
Ken's Marine tank cleaning personnel are all Osha Hazwoper trained and certified in confined space entry and rescue. We are experienced in all types of tank cleaning. Some of our customers include Exxon Mobile, New York Terminal and Amerada Hess. Our field supervisors will come to your tank site and provide you with estimates to do your job.